Although remarkable advancements in science and technology throughout the 20th century have improved people’s lives, these advancements have also had a negative impact on today’s society.
They have resulted in such issues as the destruction of the natural environment, neglecting of traditional culture, and excessive competition.
 Our organization, GKN (Gakujutsu Kenkyu Network), was established with the objective of aiding the future development of science and technology, and to contribute to the promotion of public interest in science and technology in Japan.
We intend to pursue this objective by collaborating with senior scientists, who have achieved results in research and education in various fields of science and technology, as well as young scientists, who represent the future of scientific achievement.
We aim to provide scientific education and enlightenment, and to explore better ways for humans to coexist with nature.
Japan in the 21st century suffers from a decreasing birth rate, and an ageing society.
 The problem we face today is to try to overcome these difficult circumstances and create a truly rich society both economically and morally.
 In order for people to live a cultural life amongst nature, it is of the utmost importance that we have an accurate understanding of science.
 Our important mission is to work steadily to pass on accurate scientific knowledge, and familiarize society with scientific ideas. We need to build a society in which scientists, general citizens and children who represent the future, share a mutual respect, and work together to support one another.
As a result of a recent expansion in the training offered to scientists by graduate schools, there has been a rapid increase in the number of students proceeding to post-graduate study.
However, even for those who have obtained the highest of qualifications, there are not enough active organizations offering research work, meaning the talents of these scientists go to waste.
For a long time now, it has been said that Japanese children’s interest in natural sciences is fading, and their general level of education declining.
It is very important that we make use of the abilities and achievements of today’s young scientists, keep people informed of the fascinating world of science, and develop the abilities of children.
Working step by step, GKN is determined to solve all of these issues.


1.Developing the abilities of young scientists
    Supporting promising young scientists, making use of their abilities,
    and working together with them is one of the most essential tasks we face today.
    We hold workshops and seminars about various fields,
    encourage the exchange of information between different areas,
    while building a system that promotes interaction between the personnel of existing institutions,
    companies and various projects.
    All of which is catered towards young scientists.
     Main activities: Seminars

2.Making use of the knowledge and wisdom of senior scientists
    In order to aid the future development of science and technology,
    we provide scientific education and enlightenment based on the rich experiences of senior scientists,
    who have been active in research and education in various scientific fields.
    We also investigate areas such as the history of science and current environmental issues,
    and conduct research to explore better ways for humans to coexist with nature.
     Main activities: Building databases (concerning nuclear energy), researching science history

3.Keeping the general public up-to-date on various scientific topics
    One of our important jobs is to inform the general public of the latest scientific ideas in a straightforward manner.
    It is essential that we do not just simply indulge in the modernized society that we live in,
    but that we also work to gain a proper understanding of science.
    Our very important mission is to diffuse learning into society in an accurate and easy to understand way.
     Main activities: Exhibition lectures

4.Inspiring children's interest in science
    At present, Japanese children’s interest in natural sciences is fading,
    and their overall academic achievement is suffering as a result.
    In order to spark their interest in science,
    children need to be given an attractive environment that encourages them to display their true capabilities.
    We believe that if provided with this opportunity, there would be no limit to how much they could grow.
    We hope that informing children about the latest scientific topics,
    as told by the scientists themselves, could inspire them to develop a passion for science.
    We are planning field trips for children to science laboratories and other such facilities.
     Main activities: Building databases (children’s science library)


ChairmanEri Yagi
DirectorsYaeko Osaki、 Naoko Ohta、  Motoko Kuwahara、 Kazuko Kobayashi
AuditHaruo Hayashi