GKN's 29th lecture meeting on October 21, 2017

  “from Johan Galtung's book titled People's Peace: Positive Peace in East Asia & Japan’s New Role”
 ◆Speakers : Mr. Miguel Rivas-Micoud
 ◆Place : Chuo University

GKN's 28th lecture meeting on May 14, 2017

  “Fukushima & Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accidents -About the long-term environmental influence-”
 ◆Speakers : Dr. Yuko Hatano
 ◆Place : Chuo University

GKN's 26th lecture meeting on September 27, 2015

  “Questions about producing electric power through atomic energy”
 ◆Speakers : H.INO
 ◆Place : Tokyo University

GKN's 25th lecture meeting on November 9, 2014

  “Anthropology and Genetics during the Cold War”
-survivors at Hiroshima compared with the Primitives( Brazil)-

 ◆Speaker : Prof.Susan Lindee
 ◆Place : Gakushi-Kaikan hall

GKN's 24th lecture meeting on July 13, 2014

  “The present situation of wheel chair dancing in Japan”
- historical and international background with participant-experiments -

 ◆Speakers and players : N.SHIMOTO>
 ◆Place : Tokyo University

GKN's 23th lecture meeting on November 3, 2013

  “For a future sustainable society”
- Questions about the IPCC(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)reports -

 ◆Speakers : H.KONDO
 ◆Place : Tokyo University

GKN's 22th lecture meeting on June 29, 2013

  “Energy and entropy for a future sustainable society VI”
 ◆Speaker : M.SUZUKI
 ◆Place : The Nippon Dental University

GKN's 21th lecture meeting on April 21, 2013

  “Energy and entropy for a future sustainable society III”
 ◆Speakers : E.YAGI
 ◆Place : Tokyo University

GKN's 20th lecture meeting on March 23, 2013

  “Energy and entropy for a future sustainable society II”
- environmental problems -

 ◆Speaker : K.SHIRATORI
 ◆Place : Tokyo University

GKN's 19th lecture meeting on February 2, 2013

  “Energy and entropy for a future sustainable society I”
 ◆Speaker : T.MIYAMOTO
 ◆Place : Tokyo University

GKN's 18th lecture meeting on December 18, 2011

  “The problems of energy in Japan from the historical and future viewpoints II”
 ◆Speakers : C.KOJIMA
 ◆Place : Tokyo University

GKN's 17th lecture meeting on November 20, 2011

  “The problems of energy in Japan from the historical and future viewpoints I“
 ◆Speakers : M.YAMAZAKI
 ◆Place : Tokyo University

GKN's 16th lecture meeting on November 20, 2010

  “Science of a tree doctor as a protector of green leaves”
 ◆Speaker : K.FUKUDA
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 15th lecture meeting on June 12, 2010

  “Roots from basic research to technical developments” -through the international comparisons -
 ◆Speaker : E.MARUYAMA
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 14th lecture meeting on January 16, 2010

  “Secrets of the existence of antimatter”
 ◆Speaker : H.MURAYAMA
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 13th lecture meeting on November 30, 2008

  “The situation of earthquakes in Japan”
- there are still unexpected phenomenon in spite of the best observation systems -

 ◆Speaker : M.ISHIDA
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 12th lecture meeting on May 24, 2008

  “Satellites for communications”
- explanation of the system with the historical developments -

 ◆Speakers : S.SHIMOSEKO
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 11th lecture meeting on November 11, 2007

  On the Prevention of Dementia and a Mention How to Take Care of Its Patients
 ◆Speaker : Dr UNO Masatake (Vice-Chairman of Japan Clinical Art Association,
Visiting Professor of Tohoku Fukushi University
Medical Doctor)
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 10th lecture meeting on May 26, 2007

  The Scenery of the Antarctic Continent Shows a Bright Future of Mankind
 ◆Speaker : Mr SHIBATA Tetsuji (Science Journalist)
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 9th lecture meeting on November 12, 2006

   Ms. HIROIKE Eiko’s Talk and Piano-concert:
      Any useful relation between her piano playing & original music compositions
      and her former studies on theoretical solid-state physics?

 ◆Speakers and players : Ms HIROIKE Eiko & SAEGUSA Shunji (professional bass player).
 ◆Place : Tokyo TUC
 ◆Summary :

GKN's 8th lecture meeting on June 3, 2006

  Observing the earth from space ; 
         “Remote-sensing Technology”
 ◆Speaker : TOMIGAYA Mitsuyoshi (Professor of Seikei University)
 ◆Place : Nerima Culture Center

GKN's 7th lecture meeting on October 16, 2005

  What are Potential and Entropy?
         -Their historical background-
 ◆Speakers : Ivor Grattan-Guinness (Emeritus Professor of Middlesex University, U.K.)
YAGI Eri (Emeritus Professor of Toyo University, Tokyo)
 ◆Place : Gakushi-Kaikan hall, Kanda,Tokyo
 ◆Summary :

GKN's 6th lecture meeting on June 11, 2005

  World Year of Physics :
         Newton to Einstein
 ◆Speakers : Professor HIROSE Tachinari (Waseda University)
Ms HORII Kanako (participant at the student conference of the World Year of Physics at Paris, student of 0chanomizu University)
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 5th lecture meeting on October 26, 2004

  The meaning of Nutrition and its desirable application to our future
                lives learning from the late Aya KAGAWA’s life
 ◆Speakers : KAGAWA Yoshiko (President of Nutrition University)
FUKUDA Emiko (Professor Emeritus of Nutrition University)
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutsu Gekijo
 ◆Summary :

GKN's 4th lecture meeting on May 23, 2004

  Adult Diseases Caused by Carelessness in Daily Life
 ◆Speakers : YAMAMOTO Eiji (Medical Doctor)
IKEDA Keiko (Associate Professor of Jichi Medical School)
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 3rd lecture meeting on October 19, 2003

  International Physics Olympics and the education of physics in Japan
 ◆Speakers : EZAWA Hirosi (Professor Emeritus of Gakushyuin University)
TANAKA Tadatoshi (Teacher of Kogoshima Preparatory School)
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 2nd lecture meeting on June 21, 2003

  An Economical Approach to Environmental problems
 ◆Speakers : SUZUKI Toshiharu (Former Professor of Toyo University)
HAYASAKA Keiko (graduate student)
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo

GKN's 1st lecture meeting on March 1, 2003

        - What a mysterious object -
 ◆Speakers : KOBAYASHI Tetsuro (Former Professor of Toritsu University)
KAZUNO Mitsuko (Former Professor of Toho University )
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutu Gekijo
 ◆Summary :