GKN's 5th lecture meeting on October 26, 2004

  『 The meaning of Nutrition and its desirable application to our future
                lives learning from the late Aya KAGAWA’s life 』
 ◆Speaker : Yoshiko Kawawa (President of Nutrition University)
Emiko Fukuda (Professor Emeritus of Nutrition University)
 ◆Place : Ikebukuro Geijutsu Gekijo
 ◆Summary : Many kinds of food exist everywhere, which have been recommended since old times to be good for the human body. These foods are useful, for example, to help us grow, to recover from sickness or to live a long, healthy life. This shows that the origin of nutrition is the human desire for a long ageless life.
  At the beginning of modern science, the chemical analyses of foods played the main role. But the mysterious mechanism of the human body’s digestive system has gradually become clearer. Now we know that various chemical reactions properly occur in many parts of our body where and when food taken through the mouth passes through, for example, the gullet, the stomach, the duodenum, the small intestine and the large intestine, and then decomposed matter is absorbed through membranes, and are carried about to all parts of our body through the vascular system.
  Nutrition has now become very important as a preventive cure. The scientific basis of nutrition is important. But nutrition has a great meaning only when we practice its theory in our life as Aya KAGAWA did in her life.