GKN's 7th lecture meeting on October 16, 2005

  『 What are Potential and Entropy?
         -Their historical background- 』
 ◆Speaker : Ivor Grattan-Guinness (Emeritus Professor of Middlesex University, U.K.)
Eri Yagi (Emeritus Professor of Toyo University, Tokyo)
 ◆Place : Gakushi-Kaikan hall, Kanda,Tokyo
 ◆Summary : NPO Gakujutsu-Kenkyu Network invited Dr. Grattan-Guinness to the 7th lecture meeting. Since he and Yagi’s study group have a common interest in the history of thermodynamics and mathematical physics, Dr. Grattan-Guinness talked about the history of potential theory related to G. Green’s essay of 1828 on electricity and magnetism. Eri Yagi discussed the concept of entropy, firstly proposed by R. Clausius in thermodynamics while the concept, presented by L. Boltzman in statistical mechanics was explained through her demonstrations using a set of simple tools. She also partially translated Dr. Grattan-Guinness’ talk in Japanese for the convenience of participants who had various academic backgrounds.