GKN's 9th lecture meeting on November 12, 2006

  『  Ms. Eiko Hiroike’s Talk and Piano-concert:
      Any useful relation between her piano playing & original music compositions
      and her former studies on theoretical solid-state physics?
 ◆Speakers and players : Ms Eiko Hiroike & Shunji Saegusa (professional bass player).
 ◆Place : Tokyo TUC
 ◆Summary : Ms. Eiko Hiroike has been active as a jazz pianist with her original and unique compositions for the past ten years through publishing her first CD, called “Metastable State Eb” and two other CDs. She explained the method behind her original compositions, which was based on her own approach to all kinds of music scales. Namely, she considered the 12 music sounds being equally distributed on a circle, which corresponded to the theory of group by H. Weyl. Along the above line, she succeeded in producing 14 compositions, including “I love you so much” (major scale), “Psychedelic Phonon Dance” (chromatic scale), and so on. After her talk, Ms. Hiroike played her wonderful and unique pieces on piano accompanied by Mr. Shunji Saegusa (a promising professional bass player).