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 the abilities and achievements of today’s young scientists,
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New Publication Announemet
To whom it may concern

  Dear Freinds and colleagues,
I am writing for this all those who may be interested
In our G K N:URL: "A Historical Approach to Entropy" Collected papers of Eri Yagi and her coworkers.
2nd Edition,2018, Published by Eri Yagi Institute for History of Science, under the auspices of G K N (printed by Aozora shobo in Yokohama).

The above publication total 82 pages are free to be copied by you.
However, after your reading our publication, we would greatly appreciate that you write any comments to any journas or publications you think might be interested in it.
And we would love to have a copy of your effort.

If you can not find proper place for your comments, please kindly send them to us by email at the following address( .
In case your main comments are not in English, please add a 60-words English summary.
Hoping you will enjoy our latest publication.

                                  Eri Yagi

Neue Publikation Mitteilung
Fur Leute Interessiert
Liebe Freund und Kompanion

  Unsere Publikation "A Historical approach to Entropy," Zweite Edition 2018, mit Eri Yagi Institute for History of Science, unter GKN ( durch Aozora Shobo Verlege) Koennen Sie frei kopien.

Nach Lesung unsere Publikation, wir moechten erkennen das Sie etwas Bemerkungen schreiben zu einige Zeitschrift order Bekantgabe.
Wenn Sie kein Zeitschrift fur es finden, bitte senden Ihre Bemerkung zu uns bei email (
Ich danke fuer Ihre interese

                   Eri Yagi

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